From the Himalayas and Native American Reservations to Silicon Valley

Our story starts in the Himalayas where Niran was working as an architect for United Nations where he was responsible for designing and management of Office buildings in the high terrains of Nepal. United Nations took him around the world including Ivory coast where he was managing Bridges and Roads project. When the civil war broke out in the West African Country, he took charge of managing temporary structures and rehabilitation to the those affected. The journey took him to New York where he worked on several large-scale infrastructures, transportation and capital projects. 

Eli's journey starts similarly from Michigan where he grew up in the Native American Reservations. He began his construction career in the Marine Corps as Combat Engineer building several wood frame structures for housing. During his tenure, he was promoted to a sergeant and serviced as the Bridge Chief, leading the construction ofover 100 bridges totaling over a mile long. For his service, he was recognized as Marine of the Year, BCA, and Omar Bradley Award.

They both met at Columbia University where they decided to start onTarget. Rest is history. 


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