A Conversation with Niran Shrestha, Founder of onTarget


A Conversation with Niran Shrestha, Founder of onTarget

By Dawn Quaker,

According to Niran Shrestha, the Founder of onTarget and recent winner of CVC’s West Coast Demo Night, going from Nepal to New York to Silicon Valley has been a long journey. Through hard work, perseverance, laser-sharp focus and the help of investors and advisors, onTarget, a startup providing mobile and visual collaboration solutions for the construction industry, has been winning new customers every month. We recently had the pleasure to interview Niran about his time at Columbia, his ability to build a successful startup and all things in-between.

7500 miles separate Nepal from New York City. Why travel all that way and earn your Master’s at Columbia? Growing up in Nepal, we didn’t have proper infrastructures like roads and bridges. I always wanted to develop my skills in Architecture and Civil Engineering so that I could contribute to economic development through infrastructure. 

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July 16, 2016
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