Evolving the Industry


Evolving the Industry

Join us for an evening of refreshments, presentations, and discussion regarding the implementation of emerging technologies within the AEC industry. We will be covering topics related to cloud based digital project delivery, advanced design visualization, and Building Information Modeling.

We have Joseph Bernnan from Design United and JBDW talking about BIM and implementation of Occulas Rift in Architectural Design and Construction.

Niran will be talking about onTarget's 4D Project Management and Real time Analytics.

Super excited to have Hugh Seaton, member of the AEC Hackathon, group and the project lead for the NYC hackathons, will come and tell us about a few hackathons that are coming up in the fall. In Stamford, CT, they’re holding a VR & Wed3D hackathon that’ll feature an all new Web3D rendering engine for city data, that’ll including an amazing array of city, state & industrial players coming together for three days of smart cities-inspired hacks that can use this rendering engine. In October, the second AEC Hackathon in NYC will take place, featuring this engine and all the AEC tech we all know & love.

Hugh will spend a few minutes explaining both events and answering questions who will be talking about breakthrough technologies in Augumented and Virtual Reality. 

Please RSVP through our Meetup group or Facebook page. See you there ! 


May 22, 2015
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