onTarget partners with GMIN


onTarget partners with GMIN

GMIN (Grassroot level in Nepal)is a NYC based nonprofit organization primarily focused on utilizing local knowledge and collective intelligence to address the pressing issues of Nepalese society by building schools and community centres in the remote villages. With 32 schools builts till date, GMIN is currently providing emergency relief effort on May 29th to support the victims of the April 25th earthquake. They have been able to help 60 villages which translates to 5500 households as of today.

onTarget will be working with NYC based design firm to provide innovative, sustainable and low cost housing and school for our rebuilding of villages in the near future. Design will be based upon locally available materials, local construction techniques, earthquake resistant including recycled materials and memorabilias.

Using onTarget, the team will be coordinating with the architects based out of NYC and working in the remote villages of nepal through a mobile device and laptop.


June 3, 2015
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