Summer of Commerce


Summer of Commerce

At the crossroads of discovery and commercialization, The Future of Urban Innovation: Startups Summit is a one-day event focused on the various channels that comprise the innovation ecosystem. The summit brings together entrepreneurs, industry, universities, Federal, State and local government, investors and thought leaders to engage on the future state of innovation and how they can work together spurring economic growth. The event includes panels on the evolving role of urban innovation in the American economy, the role of government and universities in technology development, and discussions on what investors and startups want to see in developing policy around innovation.

onTarget is amongst the list of companies that are pitching at the event hosted by the U.S. Department of Commerce and Columbia University as part of the "Summer of Commerce" initiative. With industry leaders such as Fortune 500 companies, prominent firms, and several of the country's most successful startup companies including Google, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Etsy etc. in attendance, the submit attracts the highest talent from the around the globe.

Speakers include LEE C. BOLLINGER ( President of Columbia University),PENNY PRITZKER (United States Secretary of Commerce),MINERVA TANTOCO (Chief Technology Officer for the City of New York), MARC TESSIER-LAVIGNE (President, The Rockefeller University).


June 3, 2015
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