New Era of Intelligent Construction Jobsites Driven by IoT & AI


New Era of Intelligent Construction Jobsites Driven by IoT & AI

We are excited to announce the launch of, an intelligent IoT system that enhances a construction company’s ability to analyze their daily workforce and compare it to the actual progress onsite, helping construction teams optimize crews.

Skilled workers are scarce these days and making sure a project is firing on all cylinders is key to mitigate non-productive time. Taking proactive steps ensures that projects finish on time and each individual worker’s time onsite is not wasted.

We believe that simple field data can be collected passively and not have to rely on manual inputs from workers in the field. is a fully automated data collection system that can help with the following:

Key Benefits

  1. Location awareness AI for safety
  2. Determine if more workers are needed to keep up with the project schedule
  3. Prevent out-of-sequence work that could cause come-back work
  4. Transparency and accountability for T&M tickets
  5. Optimization of crew, ensuring that they hit their production rate
  6. Automatic headcounts and accurate documentation of workers onsite


Want to learn more? Get started today and start collecting valuable workforce data to make better decisions.

September 6, 2018
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