onTarget is Hiring !


onTarget is Hiring !

We are looking for innovative candidate who can team with us and has the attitude of changing or putting a dent into this world through technology.

Java hacker:

Core Technology:

The Core Tech team at onTarget is building the next construction industry technology that onTarget will own and rest of the world will use it.

Current Focus:

  • Build, extend and maintain the key infrastructure that powers the onTarget platform

  • Build the next generation of high performance, highly available, distributed systems

  • Make significant architectural decisions about the next generation of onTarget infrastructure

  • Take ownership of key components of the architecture that power the onTarget suite of products


  • Significant experience building large-scale, distributed, high-volume systems

  • Deep understanding of multi-threading, scaling, concurrency, caching, queuing, RPC, and distributed data storage

  • Proven strengths in algorithms, complex data structures, and dynamic programming

  • Ability to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced, collaborative, and high-growth start-up environment

  • Strong attention to detail with a predilection toward automating almost everything

  • Java rest ful API implementation using JAXRS jersey, spring MVC

  • ORM - hibernate JPA

  • MySQL database, stored procedure, trigger

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of BIM

  • knowledge of BIM UIs like bimvie.ws, bimsurfer, bimserver

  • knowledge or jHipster


Java, Amazon EC2, Amazon Web Services, Spring MVC, JPA, performance Tuning, Design Patterns, MySQL, Caching framework (HazleCast), Hadoop, Large-Scale Distributed Systems, noSQL, Cloud Computing, Big Data, MongoDB, Mapreduce, Application / Platform Architecture, Scala.

Please send your resume to niran@ontargetcloud.com.

Javascript GURU : Full Stack Web Developer

First of all, you should love coding in JavaScript and related frame works. If you think you can do any thing in JavaScript and JavaScript can do any thing in the world, you are the candidate for us. Some proven experience in JavaScript and AngularJS/ NodeJS/BackboneJS is a must skill. You should be familiar with client-side JavaScript, Server Side Java Script, jQuery and Json.

Current Focus:

  • Build, extend and maintain the key infrastructure that powers the onTarget platform

  • Build the next generation of high performance, highly available, UI/UX

  • Build the next generation frontend app the world will love it.


  • Understanding of PDF in browsers and can use annotations to manipulate pdf

  • Understanding of Leaflet, a lightweight JQuery plugins

  • Able to create own plugins

  • Understand how json, streaming, scenejs can be used to model 3D

  • Basically can do all nitty and gritty in JS

  • Knowledge of HTML SVG and Canvas

  • Minimum 2-3 years experience developing server-side technologies using core Java.

  • Experience in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript.

  • Strong CS fundamentals, good working knowledge of classic algorithms and data structures.

  • Good UI design sense.

  • Experience designing scalable, fault-tolerant systems and databases.

  • Solid understanding of how the web works and it's underlying communication protocols.

  • Good sense of humor.

Other skills we'd appreciate:

  • Experience working with Play Framework, Relational Databases, Concurrent Programming, AWS.

  • Experience working with UI technologies like jQuery, AJAX, Angular.

  • Experience with GraphicsMagick, ImageMagick, ghostcript

  • Prior experience with using graphics libraries like OpenGL or WebGL.

  • Working knowledge of Git.

  • Anything else that can surprise us.

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of BIM

  • knowledge of BIM UIs like bimvie.ws, bimsurfer


Javascript, jQuery, Node.js, Backbone.js, JSON, Angular.JS, SceneJS, java script streaming API, IFC standard (3D for construction), graphicsmagick, ghostscript, pdf, pdf marking/tagging technologies, SVG, Leaflet, Java, jQuery, WebGL, MySQL/Postgres, AWS/EC2/ELB/S3/DynamoDB, Three.js, NoSQL (MongoDB)


Please send your resume to niran@ontargetcloud.com.

Mobile Hero

We are looking for a highly motivated iOS developer to join our growing Mobile development team at onTarget. You will be responsible for building the next generation SDK for iOS and Mac developers. This includes designing and developing a client-side API, implementing sophisticated logic to optimize mobile data transfers, and building generic offline capabilities to accommodate diverse application requirements. If you love Swift, Xcode, and Cocoapods and are passionate about mobile apps, we want to hear from you!

At onTarget, we are building a platform that makes construction industry thrive for it. All the users can do all their task based on their hand and tap of a finger.


  • You love challenges:

  • Building generic APIs to accommodate the needs of any mobile application is hard. ORMs, abstractions, and device to cloud optimizations genuinely excite you.

  • You’re a team player:

  • You are opinionated yet thrive in a collaborative environment; you bring your ideas and an open mind, not your ego, to brainstorming sessions. You enjoy providing technical advice to others.

  • You’re a good communicator:

  • Whether it is in email, chat, voice, tickets, code comments, commit messages, or in person, you communicate well with other people.

  • Knows what OFFLINE mode app is in iOS or android devices


  • 1-2 years with Objective-C and Cocoa frameworks

  • 3-4 years software engineering experience

  • Good understanding of HTTP

  • Web GL in mobile

  • Experience with and understanding of ORM frameworks and data sync techniques

  • Can build OFFLINE mode mobile/ipad apps


  • Have multiple apps in the app store

  • Have built an SDK for 3rd party developers to use

  • Started learning Swift

  • Experience with hybrid mobile development tools

Please send your resume to niran@ontargetcloud.com.

Computer Engineer / Hacker

We're looking for a rock star coder to disrupt the construction industry.(www.ontargetcloud.com)

You will be given full responsibility of designing and building core modules on both server and client sides depending upon your interests and skill sets and contribute to the development of a great product that we are building to make construction projects meet the deadlines they set for themselves and also save cost and time.

Be ready to face challenging architectural problems, build awesome features, take charge of databases and get your hands dirty with clustering, replication, build system, deployment scripts, AWS instance automation etc. In short, you are going to be your own boss.


  • 3-4 years of object oriented programming  in Java C/C++

  • Code optimization techniques

  • 2-3 years of multithreading experience

  • 2-3 years openGL or webGL experience

  • 3D rendering using using THREEJS

  • Can optimize files more than the limit size to render.

  • Experience with LINUX/UNIX environments

  • 2-3 years of experience with jquery, angularJS

Nice to have:

  • Construction industry experience

  • knowledge of IFC or gltf file format standards used for 3d representation in construction industry.

  • AWS experience

  • nodeJS experience

  • BIMServer http://www.bimserver.org

Please send your resume to niran@ontargetcloud.com.


December 28, 2015
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