Subcontractors working in the field can now access and update real-time data about the task in hand based upon due dates. Create groups between specific trades and cost-codes to enhance collaboration and communication. Access real-time information to remove roadblocks and eliminate confusion before they arise. OnTarget enables subcontractors to track your labors through daily logs and updates of per cent completion. OnTarget enables subcontractors to maximize profit through accountability.
Benefits of onTarget:
Workers compensation & verification
  • Working hours, overtime, and absence are used in the analytics for better workforce management
  • Improve the safety of our workers using location awareness 
Payroll Verification
  • Accurate headcounts helps you managing project crew-size and cash flow better with fewer discrepancies
Automate daily workforce report
  • Automated daily workforce monitoring is possible with our technologies that support site superintendents and safety officer jobs reducing the hours of manual input and paperwork to zero.

General Contractors

General contractors and construction managers are responsible for delivering construction projects on time and on-budget. OnTarget provides accountability tool for GC and CMs to manage the entire team – Architects, Engineers, Subcontractors and Material suppliers to improve productivity and efficiency. Tracking the performance of the entire team in percentage, GCs and CMs can mitigate risks related to cost and time. 
 Benefits of onTarget:
Competitive bidding using accurate historical data
  • Historical data on workforce productivity benefits your bidding plans for the next projects
Improved cash flow via accurate progress data
  • Accurate progress data helps you managing project cashflow better with fewer discrepancies. onTarget removes the subjective verification of progress with accurate quantity based measurement.


With OnTarget, Owners can track the progress of each project team member which increases accountability and transparency. Being able to predict the estimate at completion enables the owner to minimize risks and take actions to mitigate them. OnTarget central platform allows the Owner to stay informed and keep track of schedule, contracts and reports. Portfolio-based optimization o
Benefits of onTarget :
Historical data provides better budget planning for investing in new projects.
  • You have more accurate financial picture, can estimate your sales, revenue, and upfront cost.
Live schedule and budget monitoring 
  • Tracking real-time expense can be monitored making sure that the ongoing construction projects don’t go over budget and behind schedule